Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash Spot

New York-based Conceptual Design, Animation and VFX studio SUSPECT added to its impressive string of work with a spot reintroducing Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Led by Co-Founder/Creative Director Tim Crean and Creative Director Hoon Chong, the SUSPECT team created a dynamic animated world to bring the popular soda back as the de facto party drink for this holiday season. "This Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash spot was an incredible challenge and opportunity for us," noted Crean. "Renewing interest in a seasonal product is always tricky because consumers haven't thought about it in awhile. Luckily we were able to collaborate with the expert team at TracyLocke to come up with something creative and memorable." The spot begins with a muted party atmosphere animated by a shifting gray silhouette of partygoers calmly mingling behind a carton of eggnog. The muted backdrop and subdued crowd create an ideal contrast to the excitable cranberries that appear in a vivid red armada to push aside and displace the status quo party drink. A stunning graphical transformation ensues as the eggnog carton falls to the ground and the party morphs into a cranberry-colored world of pumped-up dancers gyrating beneath a shiny disco ball and rising carbonate bubbles. Bottles of Sierra Mist occupy the epicenter of the regenerated party, delivering a clear message: move over eggnog, there's a new party drink this season. "Any time you're working with a brand as widely known as Sierra Mist, you have to get every detail perfect, and our team was able to create an incredible visual universe to perfectly capture the mood of this holiday drink," noted Chong. "Most impressive, however, is how our studio put a laser focus on this project to turn it around under such a tight deadline." SUSPECT created this animated sequence out of nothing more than a print ad, which the agency asked them to transform into a story. The studio has been aggressively recruiting new talent in order to establish themselves as a go-to studio for innovative graphical projects, and they saw the Sierra Mist spot as a terrific challenge to test out their newly assembled team. "We saw this spot as an opportunity to create a real showcase for what SUSPECT can do," said Executive Producer Rob Appelblatt. "We've spent the last several months adding some incredible new talent to our team, and this recent effort further solidifies that we're evolving into a truly dynamic company capable of delivering every component of a project." Client: PepsiCo. Spot Title: Sierra Mist Cranberry New Tradition Airdate: November 2008 Agency: TracyLocke Creative Director: Sanford Stein Associate Creative Director(s): Tara White, Frank Izzo Director of Broadcast Production: Monica Victor Senior Broadcast Producer: Jean Kelly Associate Broadcast Producer: Kiri Carch Group Account Director: Stephen Miller Account Supervisor: James Ryan Assistant Account Executive: Sandy Ramos Design/Production/Post: SUSPECT Director: SUSPECT Creative Director(s): Hoon Chong, Tim Crean VFX Supervisor: Keith McCabe Executive Producer: Robert Appelblatt Producer: Stefanie Bassett 3D/2D Animator/Compositor: Jean Marco Ruesta Lead 3D Animator: Steve Burger 3D Character Animator: Carlos Sandoval 3D Animator: Andrew Cohen 3D Lighting: David Bernkopf Animator: Frank Lee Talent: Candice Jean-Jacques, Isaac Teel Audio House: Audio Engine Enginee: Tom Goldblatt Enginee Assistant: David Wolfe

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