Smile Faucet "Give Peace A Chance"

Smile Faucet is a seasonal video magazine that showcases the world's best motion graphics. They invited us to do a short animation piece that revolved around the theme of chance. Suspect and myself were up for the challenge. We worked our day jobs and then set out to complete a piece in two nights after hours. I created a Mad Max-esque truck from different CG parts-adding missiles, artillery, armor, etc. Everything was constructed in Cinema 4D and then tracked to live action in After Effects. We wanted to capture the surreal vibe of probability of war and peace. I think we succeeded and created a strong statement in the end. Credits: 3D Designer/Animator: Jean Marco Ruesta Designer/Animator: Hoon Chong 2D Animator: Frank Lee Talent: Frank Lee Audio: Richard Spitzer

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